Yaisuri & John Hernan
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Upcoming Dates

MAR  13 TUE      Gulfport  Tango Casino       Florida, USA                         EVENT

MAR  14 WED    Tango Festival                      San Miguel, Mexico             EVENT

MAR  27 TUE     Tango Tour                            San Diego, USA                    EVENT

APR  11 WED     Tango Tour                            Los Angeles, USA                EVENT

APR  24 TUE      Tango Tour                            San Francisco, USA             EVENT

MAY  7 MON      Tango Tour                            New York, USA                     EVENT

JUL  10 TUE       Tango Tour                            Buenos Aires, Argentina     EVENT


private lessons

We at Yaisuri and John Hernan Tango Lessons welcome everyone, regardless of what level they’re starting at. 

Get ready to have fun and get level up your tango on your own terms. 



From an award-winning couple with more than 15 years of experience. They won third place in the tango stage category at the 2008 Tango World Championship, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their combined experience includes Arrabal Tango Musical, 37 theaters from the United Kingdom and West End of London, and the most prestigious tango houses and Milongas from Buenos Aires.