The External Combustion Tango Machine

What do you get when you mix desire with capable body mechanics with showmanship with uncompromising energy? You get John Hernan Raigosa and Yaisuri Salamanca. This professional Argentine tango couple has won numerous awards and fans wherever they travel throughout the world. They dance with equal amounts of fire, passion and combustion. While watching them perform, their faces tell you that they love to dance. I have seen John perform with a mop, a broom, even bare chested. The outcome is the same...this couple lives to dance and they very easily bring the audience along for the ride.

Yaisuri and John performed at Milonga Mala Leche in New York City in October, 2017. Just as I expected, the audience would not let them leave the floor. The New York audience is discriminating and discerning because they have seen many high quality performers over the years and as a result, they can easily identify quality. If you are planning an event this is the couple to invite to perform.
Batt Johnson, author of “Tango Intoxication-Wit, Wisdom, Stories & Secrets of the World’s Most Intimate Dance”
— Batt Johnson, author of "Tango Intoxication-Wit, Wisdom, Stories & Secrets of the World's Most Intimate Dance"


  • We are a married-professional-Argentine Tango couple with 15 years of performing experience in all type of events across the world. 
  • Third place in the World Tango Championship in Argentina among more than 500 couples.
  • Our style is based on the traditional roots of tango from Buenos Aires, enhanced by technique gained from training in ballet, theater, and Latin dance. 
  • We perform several Argentine Tango styles such as traditional, modern, and theatrical.
  • We can customize any show with diverse talents such as musicians, actors, and singers.
  • We can create special event packages, and extend special rates to agents. 
  • We can travel to any part of the world.
  • We are fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.


A high-quality Tango Show which includes Argentinian Folk dances such as Tango, Milonga and Vals suitable to audiences who enjoy from traditional to modern and theatrical performances.