Tango, Milonga and Vals
NYC 20-Hour Seminar



The seminar will cover the following topics:

Walking Technique:

Absence And Presence

The Intention From The Sensation

Movement Mechanics And Weight Transfers

Walking With Projection

Tension, Contention, And Relaxation

Shared And Single Axis: Colgadas And Volcadas Principles

Dissociation As The Pivot Principle: Turns

Giros With Changes In Dynamics And Centrifugal Energy (Use Of The Back)

Playing With Music: Sequences Adapted For Tango, Milonga, And Vals

  • Certificate of participation

  • 10 minutes break on each day included (Mate & Sweets)


  • Sat & Sun, Oct 19th & 20th: 3 pm to 5:30 pm

  • Sat & Sun, Oct 26th & 27th: 3 pm to 5:30 pm

  • Sat & Sun, Nov 9th & 10th: 3 pm to 5:30 pm

  • Sat & Sun, Nov 16th & 17th: 3 pm to 5:30 pm


Ripley Grier Studios at 305 W 38th St. New York, NY 10018 Map



WhatsApp +16467244265 email: infotangodos@gmail.com

Meet Yaisuri and John Hernan

Yaisuri and John Hernan are a world-class tango dancers with Broadway experience and 3-times finalist (3rd and 5th place) in the wold tango championship in Buenos Aires with more than 500 couples in the competition. 

Besides their performing prowess, Yaisuri and John are experienced teachers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of tango with dancers of all levels. Their primary objective is to convey the feeling of tango. To this end, they not only teach from the repetition of exercises and explanations of theory, but also from the experience of the embrace. Their ultimate goal is to convey to students that tango is infinite, and there is always more to discover. 

Although they travel around the world, they are based in Buenos Aires and New York. Here in the USA, they have taught across the West and East coast and currently offer both weekly classes and private lessons in New York City.

Cancellation Policy

Once reserved there are no refunds. No exceptions. Instead, you can give your spot to somebody else or have the credit available towards a private lesson with Yaisuri and John Hernan if schedule permits. Please check their schedule first. Sorry for any inconvenience. This is the only way we can save your spot.

What other students are saying about Yaisuri and John Hernan

Michael C Krauss  recommends Yaisuri Salamanca & John Hernan Raigosa.

Yaisuri and John Hernan are amazing dancers. Their performance skills are top notch. But it doesn’t stop there. They are also caring and passionate teachers.

One of the things I most appreciate about them is that they teach how they dance: with an emphasis on musicality, connection, strong technique and precision.

They are very perceptive, and in group setting spend time with each of their students to help them work to the best level possible.

Highly recommended.

Maryann Somar  recommends  Yaisuri Salamanca & John Hernan Raigosa.

John and Yaisuri are incredible Argentine Tango Artists. Great teachers with congenial personalities. You have no choice but to learn and enjoy what they teach because they go above and beyond. It is a pleasure being with them. I highly recommend them as one of the best teachers in New York.

Dennis P. Farley  recommends Yaisuri Salamanca & John Hernan Raigosa.

Yaisuri and John are most creative dancers and generous teachers. They take the time to see that you understand not just the material, but also the proper technique and how it applies to your own feeling about the music. Their method of teaching is hands on and your success with the material is really important to them. Their delight when you embrace their instruction is obvious, they celebrate your success.

Irina Faynzilberg  recommends Yaisuri Salamanca & John Hernan Raigosa.

Yaisuri and John are incredible dancers and teachers.They are very detail oriented and their joy from teaching is palpable. My private lessons with them were extremely intense and filled with helpful advice. They helped me to root out some of my bad habits by making me repeat various elements time and time again. As a result, my posture, balance and other elements of follower technique have improved tremendously. In addition, they helped me to improve my confidence level. In a relatively short time my dancing has progressed to a totally new and higher level. I recommend Yaisuri and John to any tango dancer who is searching for ways to improve.

Erika Nii  recommends Yaisuri Salamanca & John Hernan Raigosa

Having a background in dance, I recognize talent and brilliance when I see it.  One of the qualities that impresses me most is the thoroughness of their explanations; they will give their students both concrete and abstract explanations of tango principles, and plenty of it.


  • Full Seminar $500

  • Half Seminar $280


  • Cash or check

  • Venmo @tangodos

  • PayPal to infotangodos@gmail.com. Please send as friends and family to avoid the fees.

  • Zelle by Chase Quickpay to yaisurisq@gmail.com



Please note that the seminar is limited to 6-followers and 6-leaders. Find your mate and let’s work together!

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